01.08.2006 Publicidad y Mercadeo P&M  
The Creativity Prevailed

The innovative always stands out and in this case, the originality and invention that Publicidad Alternativa has showed since its beginning, has deserved recognitions and really earned rewards. In the current case, we write this note with a lot of pride for knowing that Publicidad Alternativa had the perfect finale for the year 2006 for obtaining the prized reward in the category Creativity in Media, in the last presentation of the ANDA awards.

01.08.2006 Publicidad y Mercadeo P&M  
Publicidad Alternativa Company. P&M Prizes

Inside the media category, one of the rewarded companies thanks to its noticeable work was the one directed by Luis La Rosa  Jr., who received the P&M Award for being the best company on alternative advertising. Considered as an important triumph, the representative group showed great satisfaction and happiness after having obtained the award. 

09.06.2006 Motorawards.com
Labeling of vehicles:  Advertising at all directions

They have taken the streets of the city, throwing away all taboo, not having any grief and on the contrary searching for some extra money by labeling their personal vehicles with announcements of sanitary towels, television series, liquors and stickers... 

09.06.2006 Sinflash.com
XV P&M Awards: recognition to the professionals of marketing and advertisement

Last July 11, the magazine P&M revealed the final results of the fifteenth edition of the awards that carry their name in a gala that took place in the distinguished spaces of the “Quinta Esmeralda”, in Campo Alegre, destined to give the maximum recognition to the best projects of the advertising and marketing industry in Venezuela... 

01.05.2006 Publicidad y Mercadeo P&M  
A new room for the advertiser

This company has placed the Venezuelan advertising all over the country with creative ideas and a service that guarantees the effectiveness of the ads of their clients.

01.10.2004 Publicidad y Mercadeo P&M  
Strategy to “roll and roll”

The growth and diversification of the market has allowed the creation of new forms to expose the products, here is, an example of the evolution that have had a couple of companies dedicated to innovate in order to sell.

01.10.2003 Publicidad y Mercadeo P&M  
Rolling Alternatives

As part of the great advertisement display which composes for a few years the picturesque view of Caracas, a new way to enter the bussiness has appeared. Thus Publicidad Alternativa covered with huges pictures the body of approximately 170 buses from nine routes in Caracas and six in other cities of the country.

01.10.2003 Publicidad y Mercadeo P&M  

Economist by profession started his career in the advertising world at his father’s agency, BBDO Venezuela, where he worked for about five years. “I started in the Administrative Department, and later I transferred myself to the client area, which seemed more interesting and dynamic”. 

01.8.2002 Publicidad y Mercadeo P&M  
Brand on wheels

Buses completely covered with themes and images from recognized brands, cover all the routes from the main cities of the country. The director of Publicidad Alternativa assures that this media makes a bigger recall than others.


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